Musings About Writing Another Novel

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walker Chronicles III is Posted


It took a little while because I’m a slow editor.  Ann helped some.  But every time I read the novel over I found more spelling errors and typos.  But I think I’ve got it right now.

Yesterday afternoon I sent the novel off to Amazon.  It usually takes a day or two before it becomes available.  But this morning I was surprised. Kindle had Walker Chronicles III available for sale.


Along with that, I realized a good advertising point:  I’m now offering three novels in a series for just under $9.00.  That’s less than they sell one paperback for in most places.  Maybe people will be interested, eh?

I’ve got some housekeeping I would like to do around here – and my computer needs some work – then I’ll start on the fourth in the series.  Actually, I’ve already got a little of it written in my head and just have to squeeze it out of there and onto the computer. 

Meanwhile, I’m writing the novels in Word on a laptop running Windows 7 that only has 2 GB of RAM .  Two GB of RAM is good for most things.  But strange things tend to happen by the time I’m getting to the end of a novel.  These are things that I can only attribute to memory problems.  Last night I looked up all the specs for my laptop.  I can run 8 GB on this thing and that should cure that problem.

So now it’s time to clean up the mess I made while writing the last novel and get things ready to start all over yet again.  My office in the loft will be a busy place this winter.  I would like there to be at least five novels in this series.