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Monday, May 21, 2012

Walker Chronicles IV is Published


Walker IV has been available on Amazon for a few days now.   Amazon had it up about five hours after I hit the post button, which is fast for them – they say it will be twelve hours. 

Funny thing happened when I went to see if it was available:  Someone beat me there and bought a copy.  That’s okay with me, of course, it just seemed strange because it couldn’t have been available more than a few minutes.

Ann looked over some of the text and found a couple of my errors.  I went over it multiple times.  Then I sent it to Forest, who won his masters in teaching before I was even born (he’s old!).  He found some grammar he wanted changed and even found a couple more spelling errors. 

Each time I “edited” the word count grew.  After Forest got done with the text, I read it over yet again and again made more changes and added a little more here and there.

Oh, and I used a different cover, too:



For some reason, I liked this one better than the one posted below.  The one below might fit in with the text a little better, but I guess it doesn’t matter all that much. 

Will there be a book five in  the series?  Yeah, probably.  That was the plan, anyway.  I thought that I would start a little advertising with the fourth in the series while writing the fifth.  Then stop writing for a while after the fifth was publish and dedicate some of my time to advertising. 

Meanwhile, now that I have some writing practice, I’ll go over the early books to insure the quality is the same in all of them.  Because, when I reread the first novel I saw that it needed work. . . .  

Hey . . . I’ll admit it.  The first one was practice.  I’ve improved a lot since then.  So, I’m working on the first one to raise the quality a lot. 

I don’t expect to win any writing awards with this project, but I want the novels to be readable and interesting.  And I sure do not want any glaring errors to distract from the story.

So, I’ll be busy for a while.



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