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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walker III is Almost Done


Yeah, I know that I really should write more here.  But, after I read the news and tech blogs, then write for a few hours, I’m ready to get off of the computer for a while.

Anyway, the next in the Walker series is more than 80% written.  About 75% of it has been well edited, too.  That is, I’ve been over and over it many times looking for typos and words used improperly. 

Last week I intended to write some here.  Then I reread the whole novel instead to edit.  Funny thing is that I found some things in there that I forgot about. . . . 

Even better, I found very few things in there that needed fixin’.  But, of course, I added a little here and there anyway, just because I could.  After all, the art of writing is rewriting.  I can easily write a 750 word political op-ed in one sitting without rewriting.  But with fiction, I often seem to want to fool with it a little more.

As I’ve said before, these stories more or less write themselves.  That is, the characters do what they’re going to do their own way.  Right or wrong, I don’t interfere.  But, that’s what makes the story.  Everything can’t happen my way all the time.

People have asked where I get the ideas for the story.  Generally speaking, they come from reading the newspapers over the past fifty years.  Most of that stuff actually happened, just in slightly different ways so I protect both the innocent as well as the guilty – most of whom are probably out of prison by now.

Even so, I’ve received a letter or two from big city politicians inquiring if I’m writing about past events in their city.  I’m not.  But I suspect some will keep asking anyway because these very same things have happened many times in many large cities – and will probably continue happening.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing a little on Twitter.  I do a little advertising there and have also had an opportunity to discuss writing with some rather good authors.  At the moment, there are about 200 good authors following me and more than that that I’m following.

To date, I’ve read some of the books by these authors at Twitter. I’m here to report that they are very good novels, too!  So, instead of paying $9.99 to $20.00+ for books at the store, I’ve been paying .99 cents to $3.99 for great quality reads.  Most are $2.99, which is what I sell mine for.  Also, I much prefer reading novels on my e-reader now.

For those of you who have read my novels, please leave a comment on the Kindle book site.  That’s important to help beginning authors get noticed.  And, yeah, I would like people to notice my novels. . . . 



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