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Monday, October 3, 2011

Still At It Strong


Would this be a good time to take a break and say that I’m still writing a lot?  Well, I am.

The third novel in the Walker series is now about two-thirds completed.  Well, it is if I keep somewhat the same word count as the first two, anyway. 

Right now I have absolutely no idea how the novel will end and mostly no idea what will happen in the last one-third.  All I know for sure is part of the scene I’m working on right now. 

There’s been one major distraction:  The computer chair I’ve used for many years finally crashed.  We went looking and found another that sort of fits me properly but it ain’t the same.  It’s not nearly as comfortable.  But, the one I have is much better than the many others I tried.

Anyway, the novel is moving right along.  Maybe not as fast as I expected, but I’m certainly not having any writer’s block. 

Oh . . . with a lot of help from another author, I got a new book cover for the second novel and it is now posted on Kindle: 


Also, I already have the cover done for Walker III, which is great! 

That took a couple days of playing around when I could have been writing.  But, it is necessary and I’m really glad for the help.




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