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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interesting Reader Reply


Some folks have asked where I get ideas for the novels.  One person (who obviously does not live in a big city) actually thought a couple things were a bit outrageous. 

Just about everything I’ve interjected in the novels has happened in one form or another.  Yeah, of course I changed it some so as to not name names and whatnot.  But, it happened – and will probably happen again.

After all, I’ve been reading big city newspapers for well over 50 years.  And I have contributed articles about crime and corruption in the big city to newspapers over the years.  I remember many things that may sound totally outrageous to anyone living in any small town USA.  But, that’s life in a big city.

Also, I received messages from two major city public officials.  First they ask if I might be depicting their city in fiction.  Then they chastise me for putting their city in a bad light while not mentioning any of the good points of the city.

Funny thing is that I don’t even know their city!  Well, yeah, I know of it.  But I’ve never been there.  Don’t read their newspapers, either. 

What I know is that all major cities are having most of the same problems.  Crime and corruption are common in big city government.  Inner-city neighborhoods can be very dangerous.  There is often not enough police protection on the streets to get the job done.  And city workers pilfer from the various funds simply because there are seldom enough accounting protections of those funds to prevent that.

These things have been happening since man started living in large communities.  They are just more evident today because we have better communications.

If any big city politician tries to tell you that all the streets are safe just challenge said politician to take a five mile walk, alone, around the inner-city about ten some warm summer night.  They have big mouths, but they sure as hell know better than to try that! 



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