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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lots of Writing Going on Here


Apparently people actually read these blogs.  I received a couple messages in the last few days asking why I stopped writing here.

It’s a time thing, actually.  I see other writers who say they are writing a book playing on Facebook and Twitter a lot and also running a blog or two.  I’m wondering how they find time for all that! 

Sure, I have no problem writing a couple thousand words a day.  I edit as I go and every morning start out by editing what the wrote the day before.  That not only gets things corrected, it gets me back into the mood of the story every morning.

That “mood of the story” gets broken a few times a day, though.  Sometimes it seems that I’m called down for eating every hour or so – of course that’s not true, it just seems that way when I’m on a roll.  Then the dog wants to go out for a walk a couple times a day etc., etc., etc.

Fact is, I’ve been writing the third novel for the past three weeks.  It’s moving right along nicely.  If I go by word count alone, it may be a little over half done now.  But of course I don’t really go by word count.  When the story seems complete overall, and there is somewhat of a conclusion to all the threads in the story, I simply stop writing on that novel. 

Well, there’s that and the fact that the novel has to be long enough that the reader feels they are getting value for their money, too.  I’m not selling novellas, after all.  But I’ve never had a problem with not writing enough. . . .

So how can I put in the time necessary to write a half way interesting story in a reasonable length of time and still write to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. every day?  When I started out, I thought I could.  But one of the first things I noticed was that I was running out of time.

Another limiting factor is that there are only so many hours a day that I can sit in front of a computer comfortably.  That time needs to be broken up by things like taking a walk and such. 

Then there’s this thing called advertising.  I haven’t really done any yet.  However, I am getting into that slowly.  What I’ve done hasn’t helped much yet, but I suppose it will be cumulative over time.  At least, that’s what those who have sold many thousands of books on Kindle say.

I’ll have three books in the Walker series posted soon.  While I’m writing the fourth novel I’ll pay more attention to advertising.  And while I’m writing the fifth novel I plan to spend almost half of my time advertising in various ways.

There’s still a major problem with book covers to get worked out, though.  When I find a way to make nice book covers, I’ll make the whole series of them at one time and be done with it!  But right now, I have no idea how to do that properly.

Oh, and I have been reading novels from the writers I follow and who follow me on Twitter.  There are some damn good writers there!  The last five novels I have read were easily “best seller” quality novels, as good as any that we have been paying six to ten times more for at the store. So I’m going to have to start writing some reviews for those.




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