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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Walker II is Posted to Kindle


That was aggravating as hell. . . .  First, the cover art I wanted to use wouldn’t work – for various reasons that I later learned after reading about other people’s trial and errors for a couple days.

So . . . after spending hours studying the subject, I finally learned a few things.  What I learned is that my first cover should not have been accepted either!

Anyway, I now have all the proper specs for a cover written down and know what is necessary.  Except, I also know that I do not have the proper software to make a nice book cover.  I do know how to take photos, though, and how to format them properly for a cover.  What I can’t do yet is get the writing on the cover properly, in color, so it looks nice.  All I can do now is black or white lettering.

So, here’s what I came up with for the new Walker II novel:


Yeah, not the best, to be sure.  But it’ll have to do for a while as a placeholder to get the book published. 

Then came all the little checkboxes and such Amazon wants filled out to publish a book.  Some are a bit small for my old eyes and I had some problems with that.  It doesn’t help that a couple of them are almost invisible and that there is no consistency in the style used in the three pages of stuff to fill out.  So, that took me a day to get it all correct to Amazon’s satisfaction. 

I checked the text formatting of the novel in the two systems I have available and it looked rather good – better than the first book.  However, as I’ve read here and there, that doesn’t always mean that the book will look exactly like that when published; so we shall see what it looks like as soon as Amazon releases it.

Anyway . . . I’m done fooling around with that.  So, now I can get to the part I wanted: writing the third book in the series! 

Really, I wish all I had to do was the writing part.  That’s easier than all the associated crap necessary to get something published. 

Happy writing (and reading) y’all. 



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