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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Am I done?


What do you do when you’re done? 

In the past couple days I read over the whole novel, correcting stuff here and there, deleting things that add nothing to the story and rewriting a little here and there to make reading more fun.

The novel is intended for the mobile market.  To me, that means that it should have shorter paragraphs and more stopping points. The problem is, I often tend to write in “full sized” paragraphs.  So, I fixed some of that, too.

Well . . . surprise, surprise!  When I read the whole novel over to the end I realized that it was essentially done.  That is, all of the threads I wished to be completed are completed and the story has reached a logical conclusion.

Did the characters get the job(s) done?  Yeah, they received an unexpected assist that helped them out some.  Mostly, though, they did it all on their own.

Really, I didn’t plan to have the story end yet.  I was just sitting here writing away and the story ended on its own. The unruly people in the book managed to wind things up somewhat properly before I had my maximum word count.  So, I guess I’ll quit now. 

Oh sure, this book is one of a series so there is some foreshowing in there.  That is, all threads are basically done but readers will probably realize that some may continue on in some form in the next novel.

A couple of the people, including the protagonist, almost got themselves killed off and didn’t make it to the next novel.  But they lived and will be around to cause (and correct) more stuff.

I may take a few days and expand on a couple things in this novel, just for the fun of it.  But I really don’t have to.

Actually, I could start on the third in the series if I wished.  I’ll wait a few days, though.

Anyway, there’s still a glaring problem:  I don’t have a book cover and don’t know how to make one properly. I hate to put up another piece of crap for a cover, but I may not have a choice.

Always something!      


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