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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fiction follows the News?


Reading the news this morning, I see that Fox News published a story about Mexican drug cartels that is especially interesting to me:

 Cartel Boss Says U.S. Allowed Drug Smuggling

 What makes this so interesting to me is that, a few days ago, I wrote something very close to this into the storyline of my upcoming novel.

Yesterday’s word-count was high.  Then I took a break and decided to edit, starting at the beginning.  I’m glad I did that because I found ten or twelve problems that need correcting.  I also added a few little things here and there. 

A reader of the first novel wrote to say that my writing is like a modern version of pulp fiction.  However, she also asked when the next novel will be published, so I guess that was a good thing.

Hey, I never said that my writing would win any prizes!  I’m just shooting for an interesting and fast paced story.  If that works, people can call my style anything they want.

No word about book covers yet.  My fingers are crossed, though!  That’s a stopping point for me because I make a mess when I try to make my own.


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