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Monday, August 22, 2011

Walker II is Almost Done


Thanks to the fast reading eagle-eye of Forest, my second novel is just about all edited.  Not only is he a fast editor (comes with being a teacher for a few decades and correcting hundreds of papers every semester), he doesn’t miss anything. 

Of course, as I said below, he earned his Masters in education about sixty years ago when they were real sticklers on how the English language was used.

Anyway, I spend half of yesterday and most of this morning editing.  Forest said that the spelling and typos are corrected (he found about twenty!) and he will look at “other stuff” later.  I don’t know what this “other stuff” is yet, but have a feeling I’m going to find out soon.  He already mentioned grammar in a couple places so this could get interesting.

With him correcting, I’m actually getting a refresher course in English language while editing. 

Did I say that Ann helped with some of the editing, too?  Yup, she caught quite a few of my blunders early on.  She read the “dailies” and kibitzed some.  Forest is adding the polish.

I’ve still got the required formatting to do and other odds and ends, so I’m far from done yet.  Then, before I push that button to send the novel over to Amazon for publication, I’ll have to read it one more time.  Hopefully, I won’t see any problems that need correction. 

These are the writing problems for me.  Besides the fact that I can’t spell worth a darn and read right over some of my errors, there’s all this reformatting and converting that is necessary.  My biggest problem, however, is getting the book cover done! 

I know that my “book cover” looks a lot more like a photograph with words on it (that’s what it is) than a real book cover.  But, that was the best that I can do by myself. We just won’t mention the fact that it’s wide, rather then tall like a real book cover.  But if I try to change that the formatting package necessary for Amazon will not allow it. I do not know why, that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I may be good to go this week and have the second novel published.  That is, the words will be right and if the formatting software buys the book cover we’re all set to publish.

Well . . . back to work.


Happy writing y’all.   



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  1. I saw him come down from the Loft today! He IS still alive.