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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Problems Publishing


Walker II is done.  Editing is complete.  However, I do not have a book cover.

I’ve got many hours into trying to make a book cover that the Kindle system would accept.  No luck yet.  One interesting point is that the system will not even accept the book cover that I used for the first novel!  I tried that just for the hell of it.  Didn’t work.

No other errors come up when formatting with the Mobipocket software that’s recommended.  I only get an error for the book cover.  Too small, it says.

All this damn time spent with creating a book cover and formatting the text to get it posted to Kindle could be much better spent writing the next novel.  I’m itching to get started on that right now.  Instead, I’m screwing around with stupid stuff. . . . 

So, I’ll try to get the second novel published – fooling around with the system and trying to make a book cover -- for another week or so.  If that doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll go back to writing op-eds.

After all, writing op-eds has always been easy for me. They were well received and I had nothing else to do besides write.  They got their own legs and were always quickly published by others for me.

On the other hand, I like writing novels and I’m starting to see that if I had four or five in the series posted they would probably do rather well. 

So, I’ll take a few days and study all of the “how to do it” text I can find and see if I can get Walker II posted on Kindle.  I did it a couple months ago, just don’t remember how. 

Always something! 

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