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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Second Novel is Almost Ready


Yup, I’ve been working hard editing and whatnot.  I’ve put a lot of time in working in front of this computer for the last few days.

I also had to find some way to make a cover because the deal proposed by someone did not materialize.  That’s a damn shame, too! 



So, above is the new cover for the second book in the series.  Not being a graphics artist, that’s about the best I can do.  It’s either that or spend a quite few bucks on some good graphics software and then take a couple weeks to learn it. 

Anyway, the second novel is in editing by someone who has been editing and correcting English for about sixty years.

He bought the first novel and sent me corrections anyway.  So, this time I sent him a prepublication copy to look at. 

I mean, what the hell, if he’s going to correct anyway, why should he have to pay for a copy? 

Anyone looking for a great editor – someone with a Masters degree in education from fifty years ago when they were strict about the English language – can contact me.  He usually keeps busy playing and composing music for some very good groups, but I’ll bet that he’ll play book editor for a reasonable price. 

This man edited well over two-thousand of my editorials over ten years and I know he’s good. 

However, this is the first time he has edited (pre-publication) any fiction for me and I hope the old professor isn’t too hard on me. . . . 

He’s quick, too.  So, I expect that I’ll be able to post the novel to Amazon sometime next week – depending on how much editing he wants me to do (that I accept and do).

Having him read the novel is also kind of a test for me.  He doesn’t read fiction much.  But, he reported that he got caught in the flow of the first novel and found himself reading it late into the night.

Also, we’re friends.  So if he doesn’t like something, I am very sure that he will tell me. . . .

So, if he gets interested in this novel also, I’m thinking that it may get some legs and sell some.  One can hope, anyway.

Happy writing, y’all. 





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  1. Lucky me, I got to read and do a bit of editing myself. Doug has disapeared up in the loft, I think I saw him once or twice, I'm not sure but I think his eyes were bleeding from all that editing!I hope I recognize him when it's done!

    I really, really like this 2nd book. The characters from #1 are back and find more trouble plus a few new ones and more strange oddities.