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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good news: Writing and the new Book Cover(s)


This was another good day writing.  My morning editing went well and I somehow transitioned right into adding more text. 

The writing part is not difficult for me.  One major stumbling block with the first novel was the book cover.  I knew what I wanted, just not how to do it! 

Really, I spent about a week trying to make a cover that the Kindle system would allow me to use.  I couldn’t publish because I didn’t have a cover. 

It was very frustrating! 

Well, the good news is that a professional photographer noticed and we talked about getting a proper cover done.  Actually, we talked about redoing the first cover and also making the next two.

I went over to his portfolio and spent some time browsing around until I found three photos that were a fit with the storyline.

When we talked, I mentioned that I would be happy to give him credit for the cover.  But better than that, I plan to point others needing book covers to him on Facebook and in the writer’s forums.  After all, as I’ve learned, I’m not the only one with this problem.

Running a word count for the work already done today I see that I’ve already added 1,900+ words to the novel.  I’ll probably do more later, but that’s a nice afternoon’s work.

Happy writing, y’all! 

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