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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy editing


There has not been a lot of time for writing on this blog because there’s lots of editing going on over here.

I’ve read over the whole novel at least two times in the past few days.  Along the way I corrected and changed a few things. 

Along the way, I noticed that some of the characters had a little more they wanted to say and do here and there, so I’m letting them do it.

I wanted to keep the storyline fast moving but I’m not really sure I did that in all chapters.  For instance, there’s one section of how someone feels waking up after being out quite some time from a closed head injury. Getting it medically correct does not exactly make for fast reading.

However, I’m betting there are a couple chuckles in that section for anyone who has ever been in a hospital for any length of time.  Just because some things are serious doesn’t mean that they cannot also be a little humorous.

I’m going to take a couple days off from the novel.  I’ll read and edit again next week and then it might be finalized.  Maybe.

Of course writing is somewhat like engineering to me in some ways.  That is, I’ll never stop working on it until someone needs it and snatches it out of my hands to use (read). 

More later. . . .

Happy writing (reading, too!) y’all! 



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